Boomerang Catapult invests in and otherwise contributes to the creation of an ever more intellectually and culturally vibrant community of engaged citizens creating high economic value; the engine of sustainable community prosperity and growth. We are focused on the region of Northwest Lower Michigan and, in particular, in the Traverse City area.


We believe that long-term benefits accrue to communities that create high economic value and export it beyond their own geography. If all we do is trade within our community then total community income and wealth will be limited to what we can produce locally. On the other hand, if we export our created value to markets around the world we can achieve greater income and wealth to the extent that our output is valued more highly and in greater demand in these external markets. As income and wealth increase, and our community grows, attracts, and retains bright and engaged citizens, and investment in culture, education and infrastructure increases then so does our overall well-being.


A person who was raised or lived in northern Michigan, went out into the world, became accomplished, and given our enriched entrepreneurial environment would move back to the TC area for the quality of life. Returning this talent to the TC area creates high economic value and positively contributes to the greater community. Boomerang Catapult exists to invest in, partner with, and otherwise catapult these boomerangs forward in a manner that sustainably raises our economy as a whole.


An enterprise based in Traverse City that creates a large step-up in value from raw material input to final “product”. In the case of analytics, concepts and similar purely intellectual products, the raw material input is simply creative thinking. When we ship our products, be they physical or intellectual, the value paid to us in dollars over the cost of the raw materials is, generally speaking, the economic benefit that flows to our community.
Much of this gain is spent or invested locally or saved in our local institutions creating the potential for more investment in our local enterprises. The more we can create this uplift in value, the better we are able to generate and sustain our own long-term prosperity. While our past activity has tended to technology investments, we have no particular sector focus. Our aim is to support enterprises exporting high gains in value into growing markets, and into market and product positions that are defensible, extendable and scalable.