Evvnt Acquires Geotix Events Ticketing Platform

July 23, 2020

Evvnt Inc, the industry leader in events marketing automation, today announced the acquisition of Geotix, the software-as-a-service SaaS based event ticketing platform, adding ticketing to Evvnt’s growing range of events services. Evvnt partnered with Geotix in November 2019 to automate the creation of ticketed events via self-service to local event creators. That relationship resulted in this acquisition.

Evvnt’s growing publisher network can now offer ticketing services to each event creator via their online calendar’s self-service. This commerce capability combined with branded marketing services help to sell out an event.

“In adversity, we found an opportunity to acquire Geotix, our selected events ticketing partner and, in this moment, upped our game plan. Event ticketing has always been something very interesting to us, but we knew it required the right business structure, positioning, and timing to drive growth versus distraction. Geotix was our first choice as a technology partner. With this acquisition came not only the platform but the team who are exceptionally well versed on our mission. It’s simply perfect timing.” said Richard Green, CEO at Evvnt Inc.

“I’ve been asked several times, ‘is this the right time to buy a ticketing company, in the middle of a pandemic’.  The answer is 100% yes. As we roll out our calendar network in 2020 to 6000 news media companies including Gannett and its USA Today Network, Lee Enterprises, TownNews, Adams Publishing Group and many others, we see an opportunity to automate local ticketing for events. These local events see a return in growth numbers, and with a real need for affordable, effective marketing. We are ready.”

A Simple, yet effective message for news media publishers giving them access to a $16bn events marketing and ticketing market.

Ticketing Acquisition

Evvnt is a dynamic event marketing automation platform which syndicates events’ content to multiple event listing sites and calendars as a service. The company is replacing traditional event calendars with a platform dedicated to generating millions of dollars of new advertising and ticketing revenue for publishers. Evvnt does this by providing ticketing, syndication, print, social, and email marketing services, while helping consumers find high quality, local events. As we focus on our core expertise of activating revenue generating events calendars across the US news media market we see our calendar network go from 800 to 6000 sites in 2020. 

400% growth across the network in 2020 positioned for explosive growth with ticketing at the heart of marketing accountability for 2021.

Network and customers

As we create a network of highly optimized revenue generating events calendars across major brands, we are now in a position to activate each local event submissions with ticketing, marketing and end to end accountability.

About Geotix:

Geotix is a provider of SaaS ticketing solutions that generate new, non-advertising revenue streams for media companies through local event discovery to ticket purchase.

By removing the national ticket seller from the sales process, Geotix empowers media companies to more strongly connect with their audience, reflect their commitment to community, and leverage existing content to create new revenue streams. In return, these companies gain the benefits of increased income, greater brand building, higher levels of website traffic, and the ability to foster community relationships.

About Evvnt:

A leader in ticketed event marketing automation, our mission is to help people promote and find events.

To empower people, event organizers, and venues of all sizes to manage and promote events data across the industry’s largest ecosystem of event listing sites, calendars, directories, ticketing, social networks, and search engines from one simple platform. Evvnt has worked with 40,000+ customers in 139 countries with more than 4,800 of the most visited event listing sites on the internet.

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