Naveego opened in 2014 as a standalone company under the leadership of Derek Smith, Naveego’s developer and co-founder. In real time, Naveego’s software streamlines and cleans organizations’ data generated by different sources and softwares. As a result, data analysis is meaningful and can be carried out quickly, thereby improving impact, insight, and response time. Boomerang Catapult, an investor since 2017, was Naveego’s first institutional financial backer and led subsequent equity fundraising. In late 2020, Naveego was purchased by Aunalytics, a South Bend, Indiana-based data platform company. In addition to enhancing Aunalytics’s data management and analysis services, Naveego’s products have helped to make the Aunalytics onboarding process for new customers extremely efficient, cutting the time-to-value down from months to weeks. Aunalytics continues to operate and grow a Traverse City office.